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The BibleGet project has annual costs. The web space cost is about €50 EUR per year. The domain name fee is €30 EUR per year. The IP address associated with the domain has a cost of €10 EUR per year. Total annual costs are around €90 EUR (over $100 USD) just to keep the server running. All labor involved is purely voluntary.

If you want to help support the costs of the project and encourage the development of applications that facilitate the usage of Sacred Scripture in the digital age, you can submit an offer using this button. The good will offering goes to the creator of the project, Fr. John D’Orazio, who pays for the server.

If you buy on Amazon, you can help this project by starting from this link when you do your shopping.

You can even drag this link to your bookmarks bar for future reference when you shop on Amazon:
Buy on Amazon and help the BibleGet I/O Project

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