List of Book Abbreviations

BibleGet’s engine is capable of recognizing the names of the books of the Bible in 22 different languages, according to the table “BibleGet I/O => Books of the Bible in all Languages“. It is possible that this table contain errors, so if you notice any corrections that need to be made or if there are valid alternative forms for the names of the books in one language or another, please send your feedback with the necessary information so that we can update the table and make the service that much better. Or if you would like to see another language which is not yet supported, please send again the necessary information with the names of the books of the bible in that language, and we will see to adding it to the table.

For the english language, here is the table with the names and their corresponding abbreviations which are recognized by BibleGet’s internal engine:

Genesis Gen
Exodus Ex
Leviticus Lv
Numbers Nm | Num
Deuteronomy Dt | Deut
Joshua Josh
Judges Jdg | Jgs
Ruth Ru
1Samuel 1Sam
2Samuel 2Sam
1Kings 1Kgs
2Kings 2Kgs
1Chronicles 1Chron | 1Chr
1Chronicles 2Chron | 2Chr
Ezra Ezr
Nehemiah Neh
Tobit | Tobias Tob
Judith Jdt
Esther Est
1Maccabees 1Macc | 1Mc
2Maccabees 2Macc | 2Mc
Job Jb
Psalms Ps
Proverbs Pr | Prov
Qohelet | Ecclesiastes Qo | Eccl
Song of Songs Sg
Wisdom Wis
Sirach / Ecclesiasticus Sir
Isaiah Is
Jeremiah Jer
Lamentations Lam
Baruch Bar
Ezechiel Ez
Daniel Dn | Dan
Hosea Hos
Joel Jl
Amos Am
Obadiah Ob
Jonah Jon
Micah Mi | Mic
Nahum Na | Nah
Habakkuk Hab
Zephaniah Zeph
Haggai Hg | Hag
Zechariah Zech
Malachi Ml | Mal
Matthew Mt | Matt
Mark Mk
Luke Lk
John Jn
Acts | Acts of the Apostles Ac
Romans Rm | Rom
1Corinthians 1Cor
2Corinthians 2Cor
Galatians Gal
Ephesians Eph
Philippians Phil
Colossians Col
1Thessalonians 1Ts | 1Tess
2Thessalonians 2Ts | 2Tess
1Timothy 1Tm | 1Tim
2Timothy 2Tm | 2Tim
Titus Tt
Philemon Phlm
Hebrews Heb
James Jas / Jm
1Peter 1Pt
2Peter 2Pt
1John 1Jn
2John 2Jn
3John 3Jn
Jude Jd | Jud
Apocalypse | Revelation Apoc | Rev

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