The translation project for BibleGet is not a simple task, and can use all the help it can get. There are two main areas for the translation of this project:

  1. Translation of the BibleGet website
  2. Translation of the plugin interfaces – we have tried to make as many messages and strings as possible coincide between one plugin and another so that the translation of one plugin’s interface can be reused for another plugin’s interface, but this is not completely possible.

In order to facilitate and streamline the process, we use a few tools:

  1. The BibleGet website, built with WordPress, is now automatically translated from English into Italian, Spanish, French and German using the Lingotek service on top of the WordPress Polylang plugin. Luckily, these are free to use, and are integrated with free tools such as the Microsoft Translation API and the Google Translate API, for which we have a free keys. However, while a machine translation can help as a first step towards translating articles and pages, we all know how these can wind up being very bad translations, and need human reviewing. If you would like to participate in the reviewing process, or you would like to add a new language, you can join the translation team at the Lingotek website. The community name is “Cappellania Università degli Studi Roma Tre” and the project name is “BibleGet I/O Website”. If you would like to participate in this translation project to make the translations of the website better or to add new languages to the website, please request to join our translating team by sending us an email and we will add you to our team.
  2. The plugin interfaces are also translated using some useful tools. The main workflow can be found on the Poeditor website. Poeditor allows integration with version control systems such as Github, where the source code for our projects are hosted. This means that the translations that are added or reviewed on the Poeditor website can be directly included into the source code of the Plugins, making the translation process very streamlined and straightforward. Poeditor does not however allow for free machine translations (we cannot use our own API keys for Google Translate or Microsoft Translate), so all translations would need to be done manually. The Transifex website on the other hand does allow us to have free machine translation, so if anyone would like to have a basic translation to start this can be done on the Transifex website and then integrated into the Poeditor website before being finally included into our Plugin’s source code. The project link on the Transifex website is:
    The project links on the Poeditor website are:

    1. BibleGet for OpenOffice
    2. BibleGet for WordPress
    3. BibleGet for Google Docs

Feel free to join any of our teams, or request access to any of them by sending us an email!