Add-on for Microsoft Word now available

Well I have been working hard in the past few days, and I have been able to put together an extension or add-on for Microsoft Word that lets you easily insert even complex citations of the Bible in your Word document. The extension is installed by an executable file that activates it automatically in your Word installation. After installing it, you’ll see six new icons appear at the top of your window in Microsoft Word on the “rapid bar”, near the Save Document button. But before we go on to explain the single buttons, let’s go ahead and download the installer:

Don’t be surprised if at the end of the installation (which is usually very fast), a web page opens up where you can leave a contribution, you can just as well close the page (or if you like, before you close it, you can contribute to the project!)

In order to be able to use the extension however, you will have to set the security options so as to allow the execution of Macros. So first thing you have to click on your Office Button and choose “Word options” down at the bottom of the menu:


1. Click on the “Office Button” at the top left of your window
2. Choose “Word options” at the bottom of the menu

Open the “Trust Center” tab and choose “Trust Center Settings”:


1. Click on “Trust Center”
2. Click on “Trust Center settings”

Open the “Macro settings” tab, and choose the option “Enable all macros” (even though this is the lowest security setting, it is necessary to choose this option, since we don’t yet have a digital certificate registered with Microsoft that we can digitally sign our extension with such that it would be automatically recognized by Microsoft Office as being “trustworthy”).


1. Open the “Macro settings” tab
2. Choose the option “Enable all macros”


Once you have installed the extension and enabled macros, you will see six new icons / buttons on the “Rapid Bar” at the top of your Document window, near the Save Document button:


Pulsanti di comando dell’estensione BibleGet IO per Microsoft Word:
1- Scripture quote from Input Window
2- Scripture quote from Text selection
3- Settings
4- Donation
5- Feedback
6- Help

The first icon lets you write the desired bible citation in an input field in a dialogue window. The novelty of the past couple days is that the BibleGet IO engine and the extensions for it have gotten a little better, and it doesn’t matter if you put in spaces or not, or if you write uppercase or lowercase. This way there will be less failed attempts at getting your scripture quotes just because you weren’t 100% careful of how you wrote the query.


The first icon opens a dialogue window where you can write the desired scripture quote in the input field.

The Scripture quote will then be inserted into the Document right where you have your cursor.

The second icon lets you select the bible quote query in the text of your document, then clicking on the icon the selected text will be substituted with the retrieved Scripture quote.


The second icon lets you retrieve the desired quote from a text selection.


The third icon lets you set the desired formatting for the quote: Left Indent, Font, and Font size.


The user settings windows let’s you choose the left indent, the font and the font-size

Unfortunately the settings for the text formatting of the Scripture quotes are not saved when you close Microsoft Word. You will have to choose the desired settings every time you open Microsoft Word. Perhaps in the next version we’ll try to implement this, so that settings will be saved in a more permanent fashion.

The last three buttons are: a donation button to support the project, if you are so obliged; a feedback button so that you can send in bug reports, suggestions, feature requests, etc.; and the last icon opens a help window (well yes we have done this too, the help file is installed on your system together with the extension).

I hope it is useful! Try it, and let me know what you think!

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