Transition of the BibleGet project server

As the first three trial months of this new project come to an end, the first server that we relied upon is coming to an end (I had bought it for only three months in order to see if the project could effectively take off with this kind of server). Seeing now that the project did take off quite successfully, I have bought a new  and more definitive server which will last for a year. And in the past few days I transitioned the project from the first server to the new server, transferring both the website and the motor behind the project together with it’s database. The transition went quite well, without too many complications, and while I was at it I decided to go ahead and buy the domain that I thought was the most adequate for this kind of project: “”. So in 4 days from now the first server will phase out completely, and the first domain “” will point to the new server. The domain “” will still be valid for the rest of the year, it’ll just be pointing to the new server and then it will also phase out when it expires in about 9 months from now.

There shouldn’t be any kind of difficulties for the applications associated with the BibleGet project:

1) I’ve already updated the plugin for WordPress so that it utilizes the new domain with the new server;

2) I’m working on bettering the plugin for Microsoft Word and a new version will soon be released;

3) I’m still working on the plugin for Open Office (I have been able to get a working skeleton thanks to the help I got from Giovanni Gregori, but now there are other difficulties that need to be overcome and I’m involving some programmer friends to help find the solutions, but I can’t promise any kind of deadlines for the release for the time being, though any offerings can help to give a rightful contribution to those that help develop the project dedicating their precious time and mental energies);

4) the plugin for Google Docs has finally been approved by the Google team, now as soon as I have a bit of time I will publish it on the Chrome Webstore (my account has been presenting difficulties in communicating with the Chrome Webstore from Google Docs for some reason, and I have not succeeded in publishing it right off; I’ll have to see to this as soon as I get back from my travels, but at the moment I can’t dedicate a whole lot of time since I am on a business trip). In one way or the other, the plugin for Google Docs will soon be published.

In the meantime I see the number of requests made to the BibleGet service grow rapidly, every time I look at the counter I see that it humps ahead! We are now at 4371 requests made (plus another hundred or so made to the first server associated with; now that both domains will be pointing to the new server I’ll see to unifying the counters again).

So the project continues to move forwards! And I hope in a not too far future we will be able to offer more versions of the bible in more languages and editions.

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