Release of Open Office Plugin version 2.0

This update is a major release. Much of the code has been updated to make it compatible with the second version of the BibleGet I/O engine. This means that the extension can now handle multiple versions of the Bible, as well as detect which versions are available on the BibleGet I/O server and which languages are supported by the BibleGet engine for the recognition of the books of the Bible. Also index information for each version of the Bible is handled, to check whether chapters and verses requested are valid.
The extension interface has also been internationalized with this release. The interface is translated into both English and Italian in full, and only partially into Spanish and French. Users can contribute to the translation of the interface for the plugin by clicking here to send a request, and specifying which languages one would like to collaborate in: REQUEST ACCESS TO THE TRANSLATION PROJECT. The collaborative translation for the project can be found at this website:

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