Released version 2.5 of the plugin for Open Office

Today I released version 2.5 of the plugin for Open Office. This update contains a number of bugfixes and feature enhancements. Updating is recommended.

  • bugfix: chapter limit and verse limit warning messages were not returning valid values
  • bugfix: Bible quote was not being inserted at current cursor position
  • bugfix: inserted text was not able to be formatted
  • feature addition: support for New American Bible – Revised Edition with it’s internal formatting
  • feature addition: added option to ovveride internal formatting for biblical texts that have internal formatting
  • bugfix: fix automatic refresh when renewing metadata from the BibleGet server
  • bugfix: fix unicode font rendering for Asian languages
  • feature addition: added translations of the interface in German, Spanish and French

The biggest feature of this release is that the New American Bible – Revised Edition is now rolled out, and the plugin is fully compatible with the NABRE’s internal formatting. This means that this plugin keeps the standards of the NABRE text while giving the user the flexibility to adapt these formatting standards to their own document.

Also, the translation process for the interface has been made seamless, making it very easy for anyone to contribute a translation in their own language that can be very easily integrated into the plugin with minimal effort. If you would like to contribute to the translations follow this link:

Our thanks go to the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine and to Cardinal Francis George who granted rights for the usage of the NABRE text in this project and gave the Imprimatur, which will now be published on this website.

New American Bible - Revised Edition

New American Bible – Revised Edition

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