WordPress Plugin updated to version 4.0

The BibleGet plugin for WordPress has been updated and since version 3.6 has moved the styling preferences from the Settings Page in the WordPress backend to the Customizer. It is no longer possible to modify the CSS stylesheet directly in the backend, but more options for styling have been added in the WordPress Customizer so that it shouldn’t be necessary to edit the stylesheet. Also the plugin has been reviewed by the gurus at WordPress, and it has been confirmed in the plugins repository.

A number of minor bugfixes and enhancements have been applied. Here are some of the latest updates:


  • Compatibility with WordPress 4.8
  • Minor bugfix: fixed defaults for Bible version indicator styling settings in customizer


  • Enhancement: add newline before verse number of specific poetic ITALIAN verses in the formatted version
  • Enhancement: add option in the WordPress Customizer for styling the Version Indicator
  • Enhancement: re-organize styling options in the customizer into subsections


  • Added check for compatibility of curl and openssl version on each website’s server with TLS v 1.2 protocol for secure communications,
    also in the case of metadata updates when refreshing data from the server BibleGet server


  • Added check for compatibility of curl and openssl version on each website’s server with TLS v 1.2 protocol for secure communications;
    If not compatible fall back to http request when fetching bible verses, otherwise https request to the server BibleGet will be made
  • Added ajax spinner for better user feedback when renewing metadata from the BibleGet server


  • Another bugfix, the fix that made the spacing better between verse number and verse text was also removing the specific formatting for the NABRE text


  • Remove leftover dependencies on external jquery-ui


  • Fix Portuguese language translation after 3.6


  • Fix main language translations after 3.6 overhaul (Italian, French, Spanish, German)


  • Complete overhaul of the style settings to use the WordPress customizer
  • Fix bug that prevented the favourite versions option from being used when “versions” option not used in shortcode
  • Change internal function names to be more specific, avoiding any possible conflicts with other plugins
  • Better rendering of spacing in Bible Book names and between verse numbers and verse text
  • Update language files

The next improvement will be adding google fonts to the choice of font-families!

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