WordPress Plugin: web fonts, new popup parameter


In the past couple months, development on the WordPress plugin hasn’t stopped! Understanding the needs of typography in modern Web authoring, support for Web fonts has been implemented. For the time being, only a static list of Google Web fonts is supported, but in future releases we are planning on adding support for synchronization with the Google webfonts API.


It is also now possible to indicate the desired Bible quotation in the contents of the shortcode instead of using the “query” parameter in a self-closing shortcode.


Furthermore, a new “popup” parameter with possible values of “true” and “false” has been added to the shortcode, to allow for hiding the contents of the Bible quote until clicked so that it will show up in a jquery dialog.



  • Enhancement: added “popup” parameter to shortcode, to allow hiding the contents of the bible quote and show it only on click in a popup


  • Minor bugfix: the jQuery Fontselect dropdown was not always opening in correspondance with the last selected font
  • Minor bugfix: the jQuery Fontselect plugin was not processing italic or bold styled fonts
  • Bugfix: typo in a PHP variable was causing an error


  • Enhancement: freely modified and implemented the jQuery Fontselect plugin by Tom Moor with it’s hardcoded list of Google WebFonts to accomodate both regular websafe fonts and google fonts

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